About Me

I am a mom of two. I like to cook and create simple crafts I can use or that will help my kids. I work from home currently about 90% of the time, while my husband works outside the home.This site is a form of sharing great products, simplified ways of performing tasks to spend more time with your kids and for me to commemorate important events and pictures of our lives as I grow with my kids.

Maybe you were someone before you had kids but once you popped out your first kiddo guess what someone new, stronger and lovelier took her place. Sometimes being a mom is rainbows and roses and sometimes (ALOT of time) it is tough and long. I want to remind you that you can take short cuts but still give your all to your kids and yourself. I don’t want moms to forget we matter too.

Our two children a boy and girl are helping me view the world completely in a different light. I hope to open up a bit as I go along. I have hopes and aspirations that I don’t have the household I had. I came from an abusive home for a few years which formed who I am. Some good, some not. If one single post here can help someone as a new parent or with their parenting tasks, we will be so happy and thankful.

I know having a bad childhood can lead to uncertainty as to whether we are doing right or good enough for our kids. I gladly open ourselves to your input but will delete any negative comments as I am not here for abuse. Thank you.