​Workout Songs by Female Artists to Get Your Butt Moving

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Recently trying to get myself to work out has been a pain in the butt. I get up around 4:30 am and workout around 6 am for 45 minutes to an hour. I know what helps me go through the workout and not think about it is the right music.

I have a few lists on my Youtube account. If the videos are great they distract me as well. Below is a list of my some of the songs that I have listened to and stay pretty consistent in my music rotation.

  1. “Stupid Hoe” Nicki MinajI like the emotion in this song and competitive, proud lyrics. The craziness in the video also makes me laugh and distracts me especially when I do jump rope.
  2. “Don’t Hurt Yourself” – Beyonce l love the live version of this one. It is great background music when doing weights.
  3. “Drop it Low” – Kat De LunaThis one is always in the middle of my playlist. When I start losing steam, the beat and visuals get me hyped up.
  4. “Pound the Alarm” – Nicki MinajI love the beat and visuals of this video. Another one to get me pumped up when I am about to give up.
  5. “Ring the Alarm” – BeyonceThis is another one with aggressive tones that gets my blood moving.
  6. “I’m Out” – Ciara ft Nicki MinajTwo great women! I love their beats, Ciara’s dance moves and lithe body.
  7. “Hard” – Rihanna This is great as I am ending my workout. Great lyrics to not give up on your self and your workout.
  8. “Booty” – Jennifer Lopez ft Iggy AzaleaWell the title says it all. I sure can’t be either girls in the butt department but it is great motivation. Lol.
  9. “Work B*&#!” – Britney Spears Talk about having a drill master in your ear. I love the motivation in this song.
  10. “Las que se ponen bien la falda” – Maria Jose ft. Ivy Queen This is a Spanish song about women empowerment with a little reggaeton beat. I love reggaeton it sure gets your body moving on its own.

Let me know of your favorites in the comments. Any that will get me through my workout will be much appreciated. Pardon my sweaty face but let’s face its all about that huffing and puffing.